Hold it

Soooo i take it back. I´m not racing any french cup this weekend.

Brittish airways decided to cancel all flights due to cabin personel went for a strike!

I got pretty pissed when i came to Arlanda but they tried to sort me out new tickets but no solution was to be found so i got refunded half of my ticket and went home to try & find new tickets.'

Found some great tickets with swiz-air untill i saw the price was 900 euros!!! Fuck you brittish freakin airways...!

There was some tickets on saturday but not so that i could actually get some practice before qualifying (if i made it to that) so me & Stephané decided i will fly straight to Glasgow and Fort william on wednesday.
So it looks like i will be racing the swedish 4x champs on sunday.

Haven´t touched a 4x bike since last summer but i got plenty of time to get ready...

Tomorrow i´m going to ride some xc & do a spin on my 4x bike then off to the compound.



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