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As little as possible but last weekend i went to Stockholm to ride the Swedishcup-final.

Haven´t raced the whole thing so i didn´t have much point to race for or anything just wanted to go there & ride for fun with Niklas who was having his first few days back on the bike since his injury.


He is weak as a 6year old having to put duck-tape on his kneepads to make them stay up.

But he was loving it smiling all weekend and i was super-pumped for him!


Unfotunatly we didn´t get very good weather for the race with pissing rain & muddy conditions wich made it fun in some parts but the flat new sections of the course was pretty misserable.

The track is only a minute long so there was zero room for error. I had a pretty smooth run but i wasn´t pushing it enough so i had to settle for 3rd place beaten by Herman & Alex Kangas.


Feels weird to try & race a 1minute race having been so focused on riding world cup & long 4 minutes track the whole year i haven´t even got started before the race is over.


Back home now working a bit at W-racing, riding some moto & trying to get a bit of time of now.


Next week i will be in Åre to shoot some film with Niklas & i hope we won´t have snow by then!





Game over


Season didn´t end the way i wanted at worlds but shit happens and i atleast feel like i went for it.


I was real lucky to walk away from the crash in one piece but i´m still so gutted that i didn´t

Keep it together!


It´s fair to say i had a tough season and in my opinion it´s the hardest one i ever had.

The high was that i was able to bounce-back to get the european-champs wich is the

Biggest win i had so far but the wc-racing has been a war for me.


What made the season the worst was not just results, it was the fact that i came into the season

Better prepared then ever before confident and ready to go but just didn´t get things done.


I´m back home now after a couple of days in N.Y it feels great to be back in the woods.


This weekend i´m racing the swedish nationals-finals and after that i´m planning on a lot of motocross and start to figure out 2011.


Thanks & good night!



Coming sooon.

I have forgotten to put this up:

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