Film from Gouveia

Maxxis Cup International Gouveia 2010 from Fernando Leite on Vimeo.

The new ride.


bloggfilm nr3 from Niklas on Vimeo.

2 pics from Gouveia

Video will be up soon!

Race-1 - done!

Maxxiscup international & the first race of the 2010 season!

Had a wet & muddy weekend thats for sure!

First day of practice was pretty good it was easy to spot a good rythm at the track & i guess having been here a few times before makes it easier.
We all had a great time riding & it felt real good to be riding on a taped-course!

Day 2 we woke up to rain. We knew it was suppose to be raining but not like this. It pissed down REAL hard all day long changing the first flat section on the course into a enduro-survival-section where people actually got stuck!

"FML"-was what i was thinking. I travel 40 hours south of sweden to ride in this crap!?!

Anyway the rest of the course was alright but the top just made it all to depresive so i called it a day with a few less runs then i was planning on.

It continued to rain a bit last night but this morning it was back to blue sky & sunshine but the track was just as bad as yesterday.

Only did one run in the morning practice since i took to long time to check to try to find a different line here & there so i wouldn't have to pedal like a german everywhere like most people.

Found a couple but it seemed like you just had to put your head down & pedal through the mud at most places on the top.

First run went allright managed to not get stock in the first mud-section (it was f-kin 60 metres flat pedalling in half a metre of mud filled with holes) rode the rest of the top like i planned just trying to carry speed & not focus on pedalling to hard. about half way i turned it on a bit more and rode good from there down.
Got in with the best time but got beaten by Gee Atherton by 6 seconds in the end.

Felt got to be in 2nd for the final but at the same time 6 seconds felt like a lot of time.

Had some lunch, water & got the bike fixed for my run & when i got to the top it looked like it could start to rain anytime prettymuch.

My brother got real unlucky in the qualifier when he catched the guy in front of him and ended up crashing so i got to see him on the top & did my best to make him pedal through the mud. Looked like he was a man on a mission so i just hoped he made it down & the tried to focus on my run.

Wanted to do it a bit similair to my qualifyer but pedal a bit more in the flat sections & try to push it a bit on the lower parts.

Felt relaxed & it was a big relief that it didn't start raining before my run! Just got to the first big mudhole until i got stuck. Both feet came of the pedals & i went to a small stop in the mud. It fel so WANK.

Got going again & rode the top half pretty shiet since i just came into the wrong rythm prettymuch from start. The 2nd half felt real good but i got in as 2nd in the finnish.

Ended up 3rd beaten by Emanuel Pombo in 2nd & Gee Atherton in first. But the best thing was that Niklas was in 4th and i was real happy to see him with some confidence in his eyes!

Just finnished a late dinner with the boys & tomorrow we head over to Lousa for some more riding & then racing there next weekend.

Was talking to my dad on the phone after the race & it was snowing back home so i'm going to miss the south of europe!


Bye bye Nerja

Racetime… We are done here on the coast so it’s time to pack up the van & head for Maxxiscup-1 in Gouveia Portugal. Overall we have had a wicked time, training has been good & i feel a lot better on the bike then what i would have done back home in the snow wich is the main thing. Decided to go for Gouveia instead of Vigo so we have closer to the race the weekend after in Lousa. Feels a bit sad to leave this place but it’s been a great time & can’t wait to go racing! Stay tuned for some race-updates! //R


Untitled from Niklas on Vimeo.


Well riding some xc/today and had some good days of downhill here on the coast!

Went to the rocky/track in Benalmadena the other day to do some longer runs. Managed to get 4 times in without puncturing haha.

Been super happy just to be able to ride everyday down here when I know its blistering cold back home and a meter of snow.

Went for dinner at a pretty good asian/restaurant yesterday and had some frog legs haha.

Tomorrow will be day-off for me the legs are feeling todays xc/ride.

Hopefully I will have a good day on the beach…


So whats cracking in the sun…



Been doing a new track here in Nerja Vich is pretty cool. Some pretty steep sections & some trciky corners here & there.


Did timed runs on: 2.41, 2.38, 2.34, 2.34, & 2.31 pretty fun to see how it got better & better until i got to tired haha.



Weather is not realy what we have been hoping for but it Works. Weather report says sun will be out from tomorrow so look forward to that!!


We’re wyning when it’s 14 degrees & raining but i have been talking to my mum back home where it’s -20 & half a metre of snow so we have it pretty f-kin great here!


Tomorrow is full on with dh & xc and hopefully doing it all in the sun!




Nerja & Peille from Niklas on Vimeo.

Riding costa del sol!

Well we have had some pretty good riding, sun & dusty trails pretty dam well deserved if you ask me after last week.


Niklas have edited a video from the last couple of days but the lack on Internet has put it on hold. MAYBE tonight.


Yesterday we were doing runs in Mijas but the pissing rain put an early stop to it and Niklas, Tim & Herman all got a flat on the same run so we called it a day earlie.


Went by the bikeshop aswell and got directions for a new track here in Torrox Vich we checked out on the xc-bikes this morning. Looks pretty sick. Some steep corners, a bit of high-speed & a few drops in the classic spannish-way (no landings).


At the moment i’m trying to dry my clothes from yesterday so i can get out & ride.


Hopefully better weather for tomorrow!



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