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Hold it

Soooo i take it back. I´m not racing any french cup this weekend.

Brittish airways decided to cancel all flights due to cabin personel went for a strike!

I got pretty pissed when i came to Arlanda but they tried to sort me out new tickets but no solution was to be found so i got refunded half of my ticket and went home to try & find new tickets.'

Found some great tickets with swiz-air untill i saw the price was 900 euros!!! Fuck you brittish freakin airways...!

There was some tickets on saturday but not so that i could actually get some practice before qualifying (if i made it to that) so me & Stephané decided i will fly straight to Glasgow and Fort william on wednesday.
So it looks like i will be racing the swedish 4x champs on sunday.

Haven´t touched a 4x bike since last summer but i got plenty of time to get ready...

Tomorrow i´m going to ride some xc & do a spin on my 4x bike then off to the compound.



Kyclingfiléer med ris tack

Well it´s been a week since i actually wrote something…again…


Last weekend i rode the first swedish cup in a place called Vallåsen out in thewoods a long way down south in sweden.


Didn´t have any expectations on the track since we all kind of knew that it would be short we figured it could be pretty shiet.


Anyway i think everyone was real impressed with the track and that it had pretty much a section of everything. Rock-gardens, of-cambers, woodsections with some roots to slip & slide on and a short sprint to the finnish.


Only shame was that it was only 1.35 long so it was obvious it was going to be a tight race.


My weekend kinda went bad from start when i decided to try & gap the 2nd rock-section and failed.

I smashed my face in the ground pretty hard, destroyed my helmet & put my front teeth through my upper-lip.


After that i sat around at the car for a while but decided that i could still ride since i wasn´t bleeding and felt pretty clear inmy head.

Did qualifying mellow just to get down and not crash. Was in 2nd with my brother in first. Pretty sick.


Only shitty thing was that old-man Herman in veterans beat us both and had the best time in qualifying.


Anyway i felt a lot better on sunday just a bit sore in my neck & back.

My racerun went pretty smooth only did one misstake in the first woods where i “stalled it” in one of the corners but apart from that it was allright.


Got the win by a bit over a second wich was a lot on a short course like that.

Kim Petersson was 2nd Aleander Kangas 3rd Dennis Dertell 4th & Niklas Wallner 5th


Sunn bikes in 1,2, 3!


Think Niklas got pretty nervous being the first time he was the last rider to come down the hill...toughen the fuck up man!


Been taking it a bit easy for a few days done 2 xc-rides and just trying to get everything sorted

out to leave for a tour de france!

Washed my moto-bike yesterday and wanted to go & ride it today but i think i will leave it untill i get back home.


This weekend i´m racing the first french cup, weekend after is Fort william, then doing wheels of speed in Willingen (hopefully bring home some cash!) then Leogang & back to Sweden. And oh there is a swedish cup first weekend back home...One-life...



Poc wheels 2010




It´s over first worldcup is done & it didn´t go bad nor very good just an average result.

However i´m pretty happy to get a couple of good points & start of the season in a better place then i did last year.

It was a tough race with super-demanding conditions at the fastest track on the circuit and also the first race of the season after a long winter so i´m happy with the result even though i have bigger plans.

My run was a mix of some smooth riding & some "all over the place"-riding with shitty misstakes that cost a lot of time. But my biggest problem was that i hit a tree in training this morning & probobly fractured or broke a finger. It´s fare to say i struggled to hold on.

Video will be out tomorrow!

Next up i was planning on racing the first swedish cup (if my finger is ok) next wc-round is Fort William. Look forward to that and i think i can do pretty well there...


Ready for a rainy final.


It has been pissing down real hard all day long so i kinda knew the qualifying was going to be rough as hell and staying on the bike was real important to me since i was outside the top 20 from last year and HAD to make the top 80.

Practice in the morning went good and a lot of places had better traction in the rain.

Had lunch back at the apartment, mechanic-Ben fixed my bike up so it looked like brand new, put a new kit on and went of to the start.

Felt pretty nervous before my run since the conditions were obviously pretty sketchy and it´s the first race of the year.

Anyway i rode allright kinda just focusing on not doing anything stupid (so i might have been a bit slow in sections) but all & all i am pretty happy to still qualify in 25th.

Outside it´s pissing rain at the moment and weather-forecast is more rain tomorrow so i guess it will be slip & slide for the finals aswell!

Over & out!



Practice day-1 done-

Whats up in Maribor?

Practice has been pretty good only problem is that the conditions are changing constantly.

This morning was super-slippery and then in the afternoon the track was prettymuch dry wich made it super-rough.

Did 7 runs today in total. Felt pretty good in the morning but when i did timing in the afternoon nothing seemed to click. Had 15th time but it don´t really say much...tommorrow is a different story & i actually hope it rains it suits me better.


Pin it 2 win it.




Lets go!

Finally of to Maribor for WC-1 2010! Been looking forward to this since we finnished of in Schladming in september so i reckon it will be pretty sick! New bike is good, i feel fit & ready so it should be good fun. Only thing that sucks is that i have only been riding short tracks & hacking around since we got home from Spain but a couple of moto-sessions here & there has been pretty helpfull... Decided to go with Niklas by car to Maribor since there is still trouble with flying (that dam vulcano) and i will race the first Swedish-cup on the way home so i got a better route going with the car. So we are heading out this afternoon just about 2300km to Maribor, should be sweet. Tonight me & Niklas will be on swedish tv8 don´t miss out 7 ó clock! //R

Life on the ranch...

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