Update from Val di sole

Ok so i finally got hold of some internet and a computer that is working!

Before coming to Val di sole we had 3 days in Montgenevre wich were pretty flat out with filming
but we had goos weather & it was good to get to ride the bikepark a little.

Epic drive from there to Val di sole. 6 hours with the van & got stuck in traffic outside Milano
(not tu surprisingly maybe) but got here anyway.

Track is pretty similair to the one we raced worlds -08 lower half is a bit different but overall it's

Been feeling real good during practice just want to have a solid weekend after so much shitluck
the last couple of weeks.

Track went wild yesterday when it started to piss with rain but today it dried out and was
dusty in some spots when it was time for quali.

I was actually real nervous at the start after champery where i went down both my runs
so i really wanted to keep it steady and stay on the bike.

My run went pretty well just hit a stump with my bars halfway down where i nearly went of track
loosing both feet of the pedals.
Rest of the run was pretty steady & i got in as 17th and finnished of 18th so i'm pretty happy
with that.

First top 20 qualifyer of the season & i hope i can make the best out of it on sunday...
It was just 7 seconds to a top 10 and that's realy not much on this track.

Gee Atherton was fastest with a 3.21 (i had a 3.33).

Tomorrow it's just practice & final on sunday. A bit weird schedule this weekend...

Over & out.


I´m speechless

I at least have some good suport back home from my borther! hahaha

Champery & the mess

Well that`s it for this weekend.

Qualifying yesterday was the biggest mess i had in a racerun for i don`t know a loong time.

Went down 3 times. Had to take my gloves of. Ripped of all tear-offs so i rode in blindness the last parts of the course and well
quite a few misstakes on the way but that felt pretty minor.

never thought i would qualify but i ended up 64th place so some bit`s must have been ok.

It has been raining for 2 days now and it is fair to say the course was like a warzone.

The only gameplan i had was to stay on the bike and try to keep feet on the pedals as much as i could in the finals.

Was going good until i crashed in the same corner as hill went down in a couple of years ago.

Was up pretty quick and rode pretty steady until i went of a bit in the last woods.
Then managed to mess up the last few jumps almost missing the double coming into it going a bit sideways.

I ended up 41st place but i`d say we could have had a lottery about the results.

Top 5 boys were riding amazingly pinned and all pretty steady brendan was awesome to watch.

Going to try & get back on it for Val di sole and hopefully we can have a bit more normal conditions then.

What a greasy weekend!

Shower time.


Practice .1 over

First day of practice is over and it`s been a good day.

Felt allright, hard to say if you are fast or not on this track but i was feeling ok.

Except that i nearly killed myself on one of the new jumps up top but it turned out good...

Did 2 runs in the top 80 practice but the first run i had to stop cause i almost ran over a girl.
Tried to just make a full run so wasn`t pushing realy but still got a decent time so i look forward to qualifying tomorrow.

Remi was riding good and being loose as hell he posted 11th time in the practice ( think i was 18th).

Been raining a littlebit this afternoon but so far so good with the weather.

All in!



We`re there!

So i`m finally here in Champery after the longest drive ever!

Took a ferry from sweden to Germany on monday evening and drove straight from Rostock to Champery yesterday...ALONE.

It was about 35degrees outside so i could think of better things to do then driving the yellow van alone 1300km.

Got here pretty late last night so i just slept in the car since the rest of the team are arriving about...now i think.

This weekend is a bit different with training tomorrow, quali on friday & finals on Saturday so i`m of to walk the track in a bit.

Can`t wait it`s going to be sick!



Had a perfect weekend going down there.

Dh-track is always good just wish it could be a minute or two longer but the good thing is that the racing is always close and exciting.

I won the dh-quali on saturday & then went on to do 4x aswell. Got the win in the 4X quali by a bit over 2seconds so i was pumped.

Went on to winning every heat i was in despite having the worst starts ever!

Only shitty thing was that it got late and i had dinner at 22.30 so i was feeling it day after.

Felt good in practice and i don´t usually have any problem in being last man on track.


My run started out good but made 2 major misstakes that i couldn´t make up for o a 1.14min track so i was expecting being atleast 2 seconds slower then in my quali.

Got in and still beat my qualifying time by half a second but it wasnt enough. I got beat by one tiny hundred of a second for e win by Kim Petersson.

That ruined my perfect weekend but it was still a great race and i´m feeling like i have good speed coming into some important races next few weeks!








Of to Vånga!

Heading out then!

Had one day in Stcokholm working a bit + a quick visit to the beach but i think i´m ready to go!

Got myself a good drive to deal with so i should be able to score a few "trucker-points" on this eurotrip.

Look forward to riding the race this weekend. I like the track down there and weather looks goood!


a tuesday in Sågen...

Not much going on today realy. Took care of my dh-bike this morning it had seen better days to be honest but i think i got it working allright and ready for the swedish cup this weekend.
I´m planing on taking the van on a pretty sweet trip alone for the next couple of weeks. First heading for sv-cup in Kristiandstad then champery/Val di sole & back home for Euro-champs so i have given the yellow truck some love to.

I was planning on riding moto this afternoon but it started pissing with rain, thunder & lightning so i had to stay in watching moto-vids instead.

If lightning stops i might go for a xc-ride or othervise a run in the woods.

I´m going to head for stockholm tomorrow afternoon but i might have time for a moto-session before i go!

The downhillbike will have to wait until the weekend. I had my fair share of riding last week.


And we are back!

Feel like i should update a bit on what the hell is going on…


I think everyone know that i didn´t ride the finals in Leogang and that it was because Niklas decided he wanted a 2 week vacation at the hospital in Zell am Zee during the qualifications.


For sure this has been one of the more sketchy experiences i had seeing the helikopter airlift him out, not knowing for a long time what was going on at all and being told it was serious.


It turned out good. He punctured his spline but was so so lucky that they didn´t have to remove it. He lost a lot of blood and had to stay in the hospital 12 days laying straight down on his back not moving, eating or doing anything at all (shover, piss or shit included...)


First 48hours were worst since the doctors wouldn´t know anything for sure untill after a few days and he could still have to operate. Worst thing was to be honest having to tell him how long he would have to be there and how long it will take before he can ride a bike again.


It´s going to be 6 weeks of doing nothing at all & then another 3 months before he can start to ride again. Sad times...


Mom & dad came there on friday until that i had been sleeping in the car outside the hospital so i wasn´t in my best shape to be honest.


I knew the IXS-cup was going down that weekend in Leogang and since my parents were there i decided to do the race.

Felt real good in practice and it was good to ride my bike and not think about anything else for a bit but i was tired and a full run was hard for some reason.

Went of in qualifying and still finnished 11th & got motivated to pinn it on sunday. It wasn´t ment to be going well that weekend either. Slid out on one corner in the first woods and crashed. First i was thinking to just stop and not bother to ride down but i did and had another crash pinning it to hard in the last woods.


Dont know what i finnished really.



Me & dad drove the van home on tuesday and Niklas was sent home by plane on thursday. He was pretty stoked when he got to have a shower and a shawe i think...


Then i rode the swedish cup last weekend trying to get back to focus on riding. Had pretty fun riding with cousin Herman during practice. Made a big misstake in my final run and he ended up beating me by 2tenths of a second so i had to settle for 2nd place.


Sunday i spent riding moto with mr.Källström and then i went straight up to Åre for the Bike-festival and the Scandinavian photochallenge.


It´s been a flat out week!


I was in team Canaska shooting with Dan Barham from Bike and riders wereme, Linus Sjöholm, John Alm Högman & Mike Hopkins.


First 3 days we shot photos all day long and tried to ride anytime we could inbetween that.

It was so great to hang out with the guys and just ride people have no idea!

We didn´t at all excpect to win the actual comp but we ended up taking down mr.Fredriksson himself and i think it was a bit because we just had fun and Dan shot us doing what we would have done anyway.


There was 2 small dh-races during the week. One chainless race in the bikepark-trail flinbanan and one on the classic Nelson/Tjärnis singletrack wich was pretty sick since i won it by 4 seconds.

The chainless race was also pretty fun but i haven´t realy rode the new version of that trail so i didn´t have it very dialled. Got 2nd place behind Alex Kangas so that was still allright.


Been riding everyday 10-5 so i have had A LOT of time on the bike. Did some timed runs and a bit of propper training aswell but the weekend wasn´t that good for training with all the partying that went down.


I´m back home for the week now and then riding the swedish cup this weekend & then of to Champery.


Now i´m of for a roadride.


New video will be up later this week but heres a small clip of rydbergs



Fast & loose. Fixin the clutch...

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