Next up-Mustaschkampen-tv-shoot

Även i år uppmärksammas prostatacancerfrågan med hjälp av Robert Aschberg och Gert Fylking. Denna gång utmanas de av ett ungt radarpar: Musse Hasselvall och Andreas Halldén.
På utsatt tid ska de två paren lifta genom Sverige, från Haparanda till Ystad, och samla in pengar till forskning om prostatacancer. Längs vägen möter de utmaningar, människor och bjuder på både roligheter och allvar.

Följ kampen på TV8!
Med start den 1 maj och final den 29 maj kan vi följa de två lagens kamp – vilka vinner, ung eller gammal?

Den 5:e maj kommer Musse och Andreas till Järvsö Bergscykel Park för att utmana Robin och Niklas Wallner – två av Sveriges bästa downhillcyklister.

Programmet "Ystad Haparanda - En del av Mustaschkampen" sänds på söndagar kl 19.00 i TV8.


summing up the last couple of days...

Had a pretty wicked weekend with sunshine, motocross & a full day of downhill.

Saturday i went for a mx-session wich was pretty fun but i got pretty tired since i havent been riding much moto lately. Then i went for a pretty tough run after that so my bedtime was 10 ó clock!

Sunday i rode downhill prettymuch all day. Did some timed runs at flottsbro & had a great time riding at Haga wich is a small hill close to stcokholm city.

Spent the rest of my sunday cleaning up the mess from saturdays mx-riding & prettymuch again went to bed earlie.


Today i had a day off from training so i have been working a bit at W-racing & figuring out some other stuff. Also had a spin on the bmx at our local pumptrack at the afternoon. Thats prettymuch it i feel like i´m just sitting around waiting to get to go to Maribor and kick off the "real" season.


Va händer för skit då?

Life back home…


I know i don´t realy write anything here when i´m back home but it´s just not as fun to tell people what i´m doing in the cold part of the world i guess..


Well been home for a week & a half wich has been pretty packed with stuff. Last week didn´t start out very good.


We had to take away our dog wich felt like taking away a part of the family. He had it coming for a while so it wasn´t such a big surprise but he´s been around for 14 years so it feels pretty empty.


Other then that i have been training quite a bit with Niklas. Been riding road & xc-mostly but had 2 mx-sessions, a bit of bmx & rode downhill one afternoon.

Everytime i get on the downhillbike now i tend to smile it´s pretty awesome.


Been painting & renovating my new home for a couple of days aswell wich is not to great together with training but it works!


Today it´s sunshine & blue skies so i´m off for a roadride!


Might have some video-material after the weekend!


Stay tuned!



Havent updated for a bit on what iḿ up to so here is some news...


Went back home for a week & a half rode: the new bike a bit, one mx-session, road & a bit of xc in the snow.

Family is moving out of stockholm so there is a bit to do on that part also...more news on that soon...


Well on friday i flew out to Lyon-France to have a couple of days with the team for shooting photos/film & tuning in the new bikes!


Arrived on schedule on friday, Stephané picked me up & we went to the camping where we were staying for the weekend.


Stephané had a lot of new gear for us from POC so that was good & a bit like x-mas-time!


Saturday we went to a racecourse real close took a bunch of good shoots & got some good video-clips in & good riding.


Pretty sick to be riding in 20 degrees & sunshine!! I appreciated it a lot after a bit of time back home!


Sunday we went to a different place to ride, more freeride-stuff with jumps & a big quarry to play around in. Good fun.


On sunday Fred, Thomas & Alex showed up to prepare our bikes & for testing.'

They spent the whole day together with Simon trying different stuff for the suspension while we were taking photos.


After 2 days of riding, shooting/walking both me & Mitch were pretty tired when we rocked up monday morning for our testing session with them.


Well i can only say it was also a long day (think we did atlest 10 runs) but we got what we came for. I feel pretty confídent on the bike now & since everything about rockshox is new to me it was super-good to be able to have a test like this.


Infact everything about my bike is different to last year. I even have different geometry on the frame wich is about the only part that would be the same...but it suits me a lot better!


The track we rode on monday was pretty cool aswell. The end of it was pretty steep & fast with good turns. I liked it!


This morning we went to a place with jumps & some small tracks and played around there for a bit before we headed to the airport.

So now iḿ on route back to Sweden, haven had a shower so i feel sorry for the one who is sitting next to me on the plane.


I will be back home until Maribor now doing a bit of training and hopefully a bit of downhill aswell. All i know is i think we will be pretty well prepared for the season.


Feeling tired after a few hectic days so i will sleep well on the flight back!


Pictures & videos will be up soon!




Back home again from Niklas on Vimeo.

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