Update from france

Willingen then…


Pretty cool event with their big Bike-festival so lots of people and one hell of a price-purse.


Only thing is that the track is machine-built top to bottom and is more like a big bmx-track then a proper dh.


Still it`s real fun to ride it and i enjoyed practice but i had a hard time to race it.


Unfortunatly Remi got blown of on the last jump on friday-practice and hurt his foot bad enough not to be able to race. Looks like he will be back for Leogang anyway.


My qualifying went shiet and i was sitting in 25th place after that (40 riders sent through to the final).


Felt a bit better on sunday and my run went allright, no real mistakes just felt like i was to slow and didn't pedal enough on the top.

I got in as 2nd place don`t know what i finished but somewhere around 20th. Didn't bother to check either since it didn't mather at all for this race if you weren't in the top 5.


Even though everyone knew it was going to be a tight race i was amazed how tight the times were from me to first it was just 7 seconds.


Aron Gwin won with Minaar 2nd & Neethling in 3rd…


Today i just did a 2 hour roadside around Remis place then we might hit up the downhill a bit tomorrow before we leave for Leogang.


My hands are pretty good now so i look forward to have a good weekend!!





Update on things

Fort william…well might have been one of the tougher races for a while for me.


I had some wounds in my hands that was just healing up before going there but i then managed to have a big crash in my second training run on friday.


I did a small gap over some stumps but didn't notice a girl turning into the track just after the jump. Had to try & switch line but caught my pedal on a stump & got sent over the bars pretty hard!


I bent my stem, fork; bars & trashed a saddle but i also messed up my hands pretty bad.


Was off to the sickbay for a bit for me to get the hands looked at but i was able to ride the afternoon practice anyway.


Felt alright during practice but it was just hard for me to try to push being afraid of crashing again with my body being fu- ed…and i might not have been in the best mindset:


Anyway my racerun started out good but i did some pretty stupid mistakes in the middle-section that i couldn't afford so i kinda knew coming into to the finnish that i wasn`t going to be "up there"…


Finnished 35th so it wasn`t really that bad. Just once again not what i`m after but i hope to be back fresh for Leogang and put in a decent result there.


Next up i will be riding the Wheels of speed in Willingen this weekend. Hope hands  are healing fast!




Jobbig helg med dessa händer!

Mina händer har fått tagit lite stryk:

Det går i släkten de här eller? (Niklas armbåge)

Here we go again

Anyway. Today i´m heading for Scottland and the almighty Fort-bill.


I´m flying out (hopefully) at 5 o clock so i´ve got all day in a sunny stockholm.


Hopefully i can make something happen this weekend!



4X nationals...& how i look at it

Well since i got stuck back home for the weekend i decided to go & race the 4X national-champs in vansbro.


Got my bike built up last week so i was looking forward to go & try it out!


I went there mostly for fun but i just got pissed of on how things were from start.


-National champs-first actual 4x race in sweden. Strange timing to crown who is the best rider of 2010...?


-New rules for the first race of the year, would have been smart to start with a national round first to try thing out maybe...?


-The course-fun to ride also with a bmx-bike. Biggest jump is maybe 4metres and it has a total of 4 corners wide enough for two people at a maximum. I knew the course before i went there but i still get pissed of when things are going the WRONG direction...


I don´t have much to say about my race. I sucked. Mostly because i didn´t quite enjoy it.


In sweden we don´t (for some reason) use the UCI-format of 4x. We first do a time-qualifyer, then bmx qualifying (3heats with the same guys) & then finals.


Stupid thing now was that they came up with a new system for this race wich was bmx-qualifying 3 riders in each heat wich then went straight to A-B & C-finals. So they have created a system of their own...


I didn´t understand that there would not be any semi-finals or anything. Just 3 heats and the best rider went to final.


So i was kind of playing it safe in my heats with a 2nd a 1st and a 2nd. When i got down on the last one my dad asked why i didn´t try to pass for the win. I was like “i didn´t need to so i didn´t bother”.


Well i needed to. Then i got explained that i would now be riding Small final.


How wank is that?


Well i felt like not even bother to ride it, but i did and got 5th.  Not to stoked about that.


I think there are some serious issues in Swedish 4x-racing right now and i hope they can get it sorted out. I know the organisers are trying so i´m sure they will get it to work well.


After the race i went for a small session at some jumps on the way home with Martin, Niklas & John wich was pretty fun so it made up for the day.

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