4X nationals...& how i look at it

Well since i got stuck back home for the weekend i decided to go & race the 4X national-champs in vansbro.


Got my bike built up last week so i was looking forward to go & try it out!


I went there mostly for fun but i just got pissed of on how things were from start.


-National champs-first actual 4x race in sweden. Strange timing to crown who is the best rider of 2010...?


-New rules for the first race of the year, would have been smart to start with a national round first to try thing out maybe...?


-The course-fun to ride also with a bmx-bike. Biggest jump is maybe 4metres and it has a total of 4 corners wide enough for two people at a maximum. I knew the course before i went there but i still get pissed of when things are going the WRONG direction...


I don´t have much to say about my race. I sucked. Mostly because i didn´t quite enjoy it.


In sweden we don´t (for some reason) use the UCI-format of 4x. We first do a time-qualifyer, then bmx qualifying (3heats with the same guys) & then finals.


Stupid thing now was that they came up with a new system for this race wich was bmx-qualifying 3 riders in each heat wich then went straight to A-B & C-finals. So they have created a system of their own...


I didn´t understand that there would not be any semi-finals or anything. Just 3 heats and the best rider went to final.


So i was kind of playing it safe in my heats with a 2nd a 1st and a 2nd. When i got down on the last one my dad asked why i didn´t try to pass for the win. I was like “i didn´t need to so i didn´t bother”.


Well i needed to. Then i got explained that i would now be riding Small final.


How wank is that?


Well i felt like not even bother to ride it, but i did and got 5th.  Not to stoked about that.


I think there are some serious issues in Swedish 4x-racing right now and i hope they can get it sorted out. I know the organisers are trying so i´m sure they will get it to work well.


After the race i went for a small session at some jumps on the way home with Martin, Niklas & John wich was pretty fun so it made up for the day.


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