Update from Val di sole

Ok so i finally got hold of some internet and a computer that is working!

Before coming to Val di sole we had 3 days in Montgenevre wich were pretty flat out with filming
but we had goos weather & it was good to get to ride the bikepark a little.

Epic drive from there to Val di sole. 6 hours with the van & got stuck in traffic outside Milano
(not tu surprisingly maybe) but got here anyway.

Track is pretty similair to the one we raced worlds -08 lower half is a bit different but overall it's

Been feeling real good during practice just want to have a solid weekend after so much shitluck
the last couple of weeks.

Track went wild yesterday when it started to piss with rain but today it dried out and was
dusty in some spots when it was time for quali.

I was actually real nervous at the start after champery where i went down both my runs
so i really wanted to keep it steady and stay on the bike.

My run went pretty well just hit a stump with my bars halfway down where i nearly went of track
loosing both feet of the pedals.
Rest of the run was pretty steady & i got in as 17th and finnished of 18th so i'm pretty happy
with that.

First top 20 qualifyer of the season & i hope i can make the best out of it on sunday...
It was just 7 seconds to a top 10 and that's realy not much on this track.

Gee Atherton was fastest with a 3.21 (i had a 3.33).

Tomorrow it's just practice & final on sunday. A bit weird schedule this weekend...

Over & out.


Postat av: Micke

Gött med top 20-kval! Lycka till på söndag!

2010-07-30 @ 21:03:38
URL: http://mickegillarcyklar.blogspot.com
Postat av: Jose Garcia

Lycka till!

2010-08-05 @ 16:18:06
URL: http://ejercicios-bajar-peso.blogspot.com/
Postat av: P Hans V

Ett STORT, J Ä T T E S T O R T grattis till EM-guldet.

Vi visste ALLA att Du hade det i Dig men vi undrade var Du har gömt det den sista tiden.

2010-08-07 @ 23:17:46
Postat av: Öijer

Grattis till EM-guldet!

2010-08-08 @ 14:18:04
URL: http://oijer.blogspot.com
Postat av: Anders

Så jävla bra! Jag är rakt igenom imponerad!

2010-08-08 @ 19:18:17
URL: http://andersljungberg.blogspot.com

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