Havent updated for a bit on what iḿ up to so here is some news...


Went back home for a week & a half rode: the new bike a bit, one mx-session, road & a bit of xc in the snow.

Family is moving out of stockholm so there is a bit to do on that part also...more news on that soon...


Well on friday i flew out to Lyon-France to have a couple of days with the team for shooting photos/film & tuning in the new bikes!


Arrived on schedule on friday, Stephané picked me up & we went to the camping where we were staying for the weekend.


Stephané had a lot of new gear for us from POC so that was good & a bit like x-mas-time!


Saturday we went to a racecourse real close took a bunch of good shoots & got some good video-clips in & good riding.


Pretty sick to be riding in 20 degrees & sunshine!! I appreciated it a lot after a bit of time back home!


Sunday we went to a different place to ride, more freeride-stuff with jumps & a big quarry to play around in. Good fun.


On sunday Fred, Thomas & Alex showed up to prepare our bikes & for testing.'

They spent the whole day together with Simon trying different stuff for the suspension while we were taking photos.


After 2 days of riding, shooting/walking both me & Mitch were pretty tired when we rocked up monday morning for our testing session with them.


Well i can only say it was also a long day (think we did atlest 10 runs) but we got what we came for. I feel pretty confídent on the bike now & since everything about rockshox is new to me it was super-good to be able to have a test like this.


Infact everything about my bike is different to last year. I even have different geometry on the frame wich is about the only part that would be the same...but it suits me a lot better!


The track we rode on monday was pretty cool aswell. The end of it was pretty steep & fast with good turns. I liked it!


This morning we went to a place with jumps & some small tracks and played around there for a bit before we headed to the airport.

So now iḿ on route back to Sweden, haven had a shower so i feel sorry for the one who is sitting next to me on the plane.


I will be back home until Maribor now doing a bit of training and hopefully a bit of downhill aswell. All i know is i think we will be pretty well prepared for the season.


Feeling tired after a few hectic days so i will sleep well on the flight back!


Pictures & videos will be up soon!



Postat av: Westman


What's changed on the geometry on your race bike?

Keep posting.

2010-04-15 @ 20:10:25
URL: http://happymtb.org
Postat av: Rob

man kan säga att vi skapat en medium...

2010-04-23 @ 07:28:24

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