I would like to make it official.



I would like to announce that i will no longer be racing for Team SunnMontgenevre for the 2011 season.


2010 was a tough season for me but i was fortunate enough to also get the biggest win in my career with the European championship title.


-10 was also a season where i learned a lot both as a rider & person, a lot of things that i will carry with me in 2011 to improve my racing.


"Robin has been a key player for our Team, he took indeed our bike, the SUNN Radical, to a European Championship win, so we definitely want to thank him for this and wish him the best of success in his new venture" explains Stéphane GIRARD, Team SUNN MONTGENEVRE Manager


I would like to thank everyone involved at Sunn, the team, Stephané Girard as a trainer and all the sponsors that made 2010 possible.

It has been a great experience working with all of you during the year and i wish the best of luck in 2011 for you all.


I will be announcing my 2011 plans in the upcoming month.


Stay tuned.





Postat av: Anonym

vadå det står ju på pushbike att du kommer vara den enda sunn åkare i wc nästa år? stämmer inte de eller? :S

2010-10-22 @ 08:32:31
URL: http://swebikers.se/niklasWallner
Postat av: Patric-:

Har det inte gått mer än en månad nu....

2010-10-26 @ 19:57:02
Postat av: Hasse DH

Jamen berätta då!!!!!! /H

2010-10-29 @ 20:51:03
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