Back at the farm

Just came back home last night after a RAD week in Åre.


Went there with my brother & 2 friends just to ride & do some filming and we got blessed with the best weather possible for basicly the whole week.


Last year it snowed at the same time but this time we had +12 & bluebird all week.


Didn´t do much else then just ride all day, everyday. I also had a small clinic thursday evening with some of the local-kids in Åre wich i think was appriciated.


We got some good material for the film but once we turned of the camera i decided to huck a stupid little gap and ended up jumping straight into a three smashing my hand pretty BAD so it looks like i have been out fighting at the moment... AND the comical thing is i´m scheduled with a doctor to “fix up” my thumb on the same hand tomorrow so i guess he will have to do a full service of it.


Today i got a pretty great surprise. Some nabour had shaped up my MX-practice-track a bit while i was away so i guess i have to hit it up!


Other then that i´m working a bit @ W-racing and was planning on a roadride tomorrow before heading for the hospital.


Will be up with some pics & stuff soon!


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