Where to start...?

Everyone that follows this page knows i managed to get the win at eurochamps last weekend.

It´s easily the biggest achivement i had and i can tell you that after having struggled so much during
this season it felt so good you people have no idea.

From the pre-season suffering, slashing myself to pieces, seeing my brother flying chopper & hanging out at hospitals and a lot of behind the scenes stuff that has been hard for me it was such a big relief to finally get something good out of it.

My week in hafjell was great.

The startfield was better then last 2 years with Spagnolo, Camellini, Paulhan, Lehikoinen, Beer & quite a bit of top riders that had made their way up there.

The ones missing were the brits wich was a bit of a shame.

I was loving it from first run and i was pretty impressed with the track & the work they had put into it.

4 minutes of everything from big jumps, super fast sections, rockgardens & rooty woods you had to be allround &
smooth to put a full run together.

Went of track in my seeding run and was still 4th place so i knew i could be running for a medal but never realy
thought of the result that much.

I just wanted to have a good run and beat some of the fast boys to prove to myself that i can race my bike.

My run was pretty dialled just one misstake realy but i felt that i might have been a bit careful in some spots
but got in with best time and was sitting in the hotseat for quite a while.

When it was 3 riders left i was just thinking "holy shit it might actually happen" Matti was on a pinned run and up
a lot on me at the last split but ended up going over the bars in the last rocks thats when
Niklas & i were looking at eachother with that big "please-expression on our faces.

It was a sick win to me since it felt like racing on home turf so party was good.

After euros we had swedish champs in Åre so spent the week up here. I can tell you that pressure is on rocking up
as european champ at the national champs back home.

Practice was great. Like the track & feel like home up here so been happy all week.
Realy wanted not to qualify first so i was happy to be in 2nd place 0.06 of a second of first.

Finals day was sketchy!

Raining all night & starting to dry up when morning practice started i decided to keep my dry tires on.
Bad choice since it started raining at lunchtime again so i had to put the spikes on.

When it was time for the elite riders it had started to dry out quite a bit and it was super slippery at some spots and grippy in others so it was hard to know where to push & where to back of.

I started out with going over the bars in 5th turn up top. I hit my bars & hand on a rock in the inside of the turn
and got flipped over the bars.
It sucked.

After that i tried to make up time & made so many stupid misstakes i cant even bother to write about it.
Came in as 2nd place 1 second of cousin Herman leading & ended up 3rd 3 seconds of the win.

Pretty bummed since i guess i had a pretty good pace and i fractured my finger & wont be able to ride for a few days but thats racing & i wasn´t the only one to have a crash.

I will spend the week here in Åre & race the Avalanch here next weekend & the fly over to U.S for wc-finals & worlds.

Video will be up sooon!

Good times.


Postat av: Jenny M.

Stooooooooooooooooooooooooort Grattis Robin! !

Jättekul att du lyckades vinna! WOhooo!

Kom hem snart så firar vi!

Stor kram!

2010-08-17 @ 12:47:33
Postat av: makke

Härligt, så jäkla kul att det går bra för dig nu efter en säsong som inte varit helt optimal...

Stort grattis!

2010-08-17 @ 13:21:56

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