US & A

Sooo we are there!

The great USA. Windham and the last world cup of the season.
Feels a bit sad that it´s almost over already!

Forgot to update of my Avalanche-race last weekend. Got on the podium there wich
was pretty decent on the dh-bike and good training for worlds!

Anyway. Trip here was going well except that we got delayed out of newyork sowe arrived a
couple of hour later then planned in Windham.
When here we struggled tofind our accomondation when we got the keys & went there disaster struck.

It was a shitty house that hadn´t been cleanedout after winter season, dirty sheets, rat-shit,
dust, garbage left from the last people staying there & a pretty freaky smell!

It was obvious that we couldn´t stay there but time was ticking.

I missed the trackwalk yesterday and thought it was bad enough, it was now 1 o clock and i
had been travelling from 10a.m and practice starting at 8.30 i was ready to do ONE THING

So i went to sleep in the back of one of the cars until our national coach Fredrik & mechanic
Klas miracoulusly managed to sort out a new accomondation.

I felt like shit this morning already when i woke up.
I walked the track during first 2 hours of practice and then got on to trying to ride my bike.

Went down when i was rolling through my firstrun but after that it was going allright.
Tried to work on some lines & get up to speed but my head wasn´t realy following what
i wanted to do.

I did one timed run just trying to roll through the whole track in one run. Was thinking of
doing another run but thought to myself that "i better quit before i eat shit".

So made it through day 1 alive. Track is pretty good. No realy hard sections but realy fast
in some sections. Feel pretty confident that today will be better!



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