Va händer för skit då?

Life back home…


I know i don´t realy write anything here when i´m back home but it´s just not as fun to tell people what i´m doing in the cold part of the world i guess..


Well been home for a week & a half wich has been pretty packed with stuff. Last week didn´t start out very good.


We had to take away our dog wich felt like taking away a part of the family. He had it coming for a while so it wasn´t such a big surprise but he´s been around for 14 years so it feels pretty empty.


Other then that i have been training quite a bit with Niklas. Been riding road & xc-mostly but had 2 mx-sessions, a bit of bmx & rode downhill one afternoon.

Everytime i get on the downhillbike now i tend to smile it´s pretty awesome.


Been painting & renovating my new home for a couple of days aswell wich is not to great together with training but it works!


Today it´s sunshine & blue skies so i´m off for a roadride!


Might have some video-material after the weekend!


Stay tuned!


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