summing up the last couple of days...

Had a pretty wicked weekend with sunshine, motocross & a full day of downhill.

Saturday i went for a mx-session wich was pretty fun but i got pretty tired since i havent been riding much moto lately. Then i went for a pretty tough run after that so my bedtime was 10 ó clock!

Sunday i rode downhill prettymuch all day. Did some timed runs at flottsbro & had a great time riding at Haga wich is a small hill close to stcokholm city.

Spent the rest of my sunday cleaning up the mess from saturdays mx-riding & prettymuch again went to bed earlie.


Today i had a day off from training so i have been working a bit at W-racing & figuring out some other stuff. Also had a spin on the bmx at our local pumptrack at the afternoon. Thats prettymuch it i feel like i´m just sitting around waiting to get to go to Maribor and kick off the "real" season.



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